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The Testing Process

The testing for your new septic system should not be confused with the septic inspection test, which determines if your septic system is up to the proper standards (passes or fails).


Testing for your new system is necessary to determine what kind of septic system is best for your personal needs, space, and soil type.


The testing process can only begin after the proper paperwork and fee for your county or township has been filled out and handed in for approval from a county inspector.  (To see how we can help you with this paperwork and permitting process, click here.)

Deep Test


The deep test is the first test in the process. We dig a hole 6 feet deep and examine the soil along with a local septic inspector from your township.


If there are unusual features to your soil, occassionally, a soil scientist may be called in to examine the soil too.

Percolation Test

The last and longest test to be administered is the perc test. The purpose of a perc test is to measure how quickly the soil soaks up water. This is necessary in order to calculate the how quickly the clean/treated water put out by your new septic system can be absorbed into the ground.


 Our first step in administering the test is to dig the test holes - usually there are 6. Then, we fill these holes up with water and leave them to prime the holes overnight.


The next day, we we begin the test. We place floats equiped with rulers inside of each hole. Next, we fill the holes with water (6 inches). Finally, we measure the amount of water that seeps into the ground every half hour. 


A perc test usually takes a few hours to administer. The test is over when the holes stablize - that is, when the water draining out of the hole becomes steady (within 1/4 of an inch of water for 4 consecutive readings.

Design and Price Quote



Once testing is completed, we will create a custom septic system design, based on your needs, space, and testing specifications.After testing and design, we will write up a quote for the total cost of septic system installation and submit it to you. Then the installation of your system can begin.

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